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YOUR VIEW: Give to your local animal shelter

By To The Editor: Friday is National Puppy Day, so it’s as good an excuse as any for sending cute dog videos around the office or posting them on Facebook. And if you want to…

icon Posted: 20 March 2018 [07:09 PM]

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Monday 03/19/2018
Shooting straight from the lip
icon Posted: 19 March 2018 [07:59 PM]

To The Editor, The attempt of former BOE Commissioner Genard Dolan to impugn my integrity in his Feb. 28 letter to the editor, is a disappointing development. It appears that after losing his base of support, then his office, Mr.…

Friday 03/16/2018
YOUR VIEW: Let's salute women in the workforce
icon Posted: 16 March 2018 [09:57 PM]

By To The Editor: March is National Women’s History Month, and now more than ever women are achieving great things for our economy. Women make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce and own just under 40 percent of American…

Wednesday 03/14/2018
YOUR VIEW: Lawmakers must just say no to spending
icon Posted: 14 March 2018 [07:27 PM]

By To The Editor: In a time when every penny is counted and counted on it is not the time to further burden the already overburdened. I have serious doubts of the true intention of…

Friday 03/02/2018
Your View: Billboards are a driving distraction
icon Posted: 02 March 2018 [06:51 PM]

To The Editor: Distractive driving has been responsible for many accidents on our highways. Most are attributed to those who are on their cell phones. It would seem incongruous that the state would aid and abet the practice of distractive…

Your View: Trail gap will be a burden to Plainville taxpayers
icon Posted: 02 March 2018 [06:49 PM]

To The Editor: Much to my consternation, I am NOT amazed that our Plainville Town Council unanimously approved the ridiculous, over-extended, negatively-impacting “Trail Gap Closure.” All the signals were obvious during several months of Plainville homeowners and taxpayers…

Your View: Berlin must reinstate school resource officer
icon Posted: 02 March 2018 [06:48 PM]

To The Editor: The decision to remove the School Resource Officer from McGee Middle School is troubling and unwise. Our towns’ government has a responsibility to provide public safety services to this entire community and that includes ALL Berlin…

Wednesday 02/28/2018
YOUR VIEW: We should consider arming some teachers
icon Posted: 28 February 2018 [07:54 PM]

By To The Editor: The article in The Bristol Press: “Union head says the idea of arming teachers is ‘preposterous’” should read “Union head says that protecting children is preposterous.” If David Hayes…

YOUR VIEW: Chairwoman is causing 'chaos' in Berlin
icon Posted: 28 February 2018 [07:52 PM]

By To The Editor: Republican Town Committee chairwoman Anne Riley has no “risk” in this town like many of our students and residents do. She runs attacks on the Democrats, and other residents in our town…

Wednesday 02/14/2018
YOUR VIEW: A 'souper' success at the Friendship Center
icon Posted: 14 February 2018 [09:30 PM]

By To The Editor: Congratulations to all who made the Souper Bowl event held to benefit the Friendship Center soup kitchen a big success. However, two groups of young people deserve special recognition. First, kudos…

YOUR VIEW: No rail, no trail and no, thank you
icon Posted: 14 February 2018 [09:22 PM]

By To The Editor: It was very disconcerting to see so many out-of-town people at the recent Trail Gap Closure Hearing/Town Council Meeting using seemingly coercive rhetoric, trying to cajole Plainville citizens into building a toll-free…

Tuesday 02/13/2018
YOUR VIEW: Father's connection to story unclear
icon Posted: 13 February 2018 [09:27 PM]

By To The Editor: I am writing to express my disappointment with an article that you published in The Bristol Press on Friday, January 26, 2018, titled “Terryville VFD funds missing, treasurer fired.” While I recognize…

Thursday 02/01/2018
YOUR VIEW: Bristol Council lacks transparency
icon Posted: 01 February 2018 [07:46 PM]

By To The Editor: Over the last few months, I have sat back and watched how the current administration has been conducting itself. Following my election loss, I proclaimed I would work with my Democratic colleagues.…

Tuesday 01/30/2018
YOUR VIEW: Taxpayers shouldn't cover fund shortage
icon Posted: 30 January 2018 [08:59 PM]

By To The Editor: Well folks, how do you like your extra tax bill? I’ll tell you why you received the bill! Your elected Town Council decided to use several million dollars of your undesignated fund…

Tuesday 01/23/2018
YOUR VIEW: Impact of Tilcon's proposed project is obvious
icon Posted: 23 January 2018 [08:52 PM]

By To The Editor: Thanks so much for continuing to report in detail on New Britain’s apparent determination to go forward with rock mining in reservoir lands. Tilcon sometimes seems to imply that, after…

Tuesday 01/09/2018
YOUR VIEW: U.S. must address Alzheimer's dilemma
icon Posted: 09 January 2018 [10:05 PM]

By To The Editor: It is time we change our thinking on Alzheimer’s disease. Too often Alzheimer’s is treated as an aging issue, ignoring the public health consequences of a disease that someone in the US develops…

Friday 12/29/2017
YOUR VIEW: Bonds could fund infrastructure projects
icon Posted: 29 December 2017 [09:25 PM]

By To The Editor: In response to the recent Herald editorial concerning how to pay for infrastructure repair, I propose setting up infrastructure “war bonds” similar to what was done at the federal level during WWII, where individuals…

YOUR VIEW: Bats are amazing creatures, but need help to thrive
icon Posted: 29 December 2017 [09:23 PM]

By To The Editor: Fluttering through the night sky, they conjure fear and disgust in people around the nation. When the word bat is mentioned, one thinks of dark forests and haunted tales. But have you ever stopped…

Friday 12/15/2017
Sunday 12/10/2017
Your View: In support of community college consolidation
icon Posted: 10 December 2017 [08:04 PM]

To the Editor: Save $28 million by ridding the system of all those unneeded presidents of each and every Connecticut community college. Brilliant idea! Thank you, Mark Ojakian! You have my vote for this. Thanks to the staff…

Thursday 12/07/2017
YOUR VIEW: Chamber: Thanks for Children's Holiday Festival
icon Posted: 07 December 2017 [08:24 PM]

By To the Editor: On behalf of the Children’s Holiday Festival Committee and the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the 27th Annual Children’s Holiday…

Sunday 12/03/2017
Your View: Bristol Sports Hall of Fame 2017 Induction posted
icon Posted: 03 December 2017 [07:02 PM]

To the Editor: On Friday, Nov. 17, the Bristol Sports Hall of Fame held its 21th Anniversary Induction Program at the DoubleTree in Bristol. John Benzinger, Don Cassin, Daryl Floyd, Jack Hines, Joe Jandreau, Willie Rosshirt, Matt Wilson, and…

Monday 11/13/2017
Your View: Counting winners and losers in Tuesday's vote
icon Posted: 13 November 2017 [04:43 PM]

To the Editor: I have always said that local elections deal with local issues. Among the local issues are the town’s budget and property taxes. The Democrats managed to win in Bristol. The Republicans held on to New Britain and…

Wednesday 11/08/2017
YOUR VIEW: Investing in the future of your community
icon Posted: 08 November 2017 [08:44 PM]

By To the Editor: An elderly man who lives independently and does not have family locally is able to attend doctor’s appointments in town thanks to transportation services for seniors. A middle school girl knows what a…

Tuesday 11/07/2017
YOUR VIEW: Moving from Bristol to Plymouth: Here's why
icon Posted: 07 November 2017 [07:29 PM]

By To the Editor: As you may be aware, Ultimate Wireforms has been an integral part of the Bristol and Plymouth communities for over 29 years. We moved to Bristol from Plymouth in 1995 and employ…

Thursday 11/02/2017
YOUR VIEW: BDA Veep: Bristol is making great progress
icon Posted: 02 November 2017 [08:40 PM]

By To the Editor: Today I received my second disgusting unsigned anti-Ken Cockayne postcard in the mail and am compelled to pen this letter in support of Ken. This is politics at its lowest level and…

Wednesday 11/01/2017
YOUR VIEW: Plymouth school board candidate asks for your vote
icon Posted: 01 November 2017 [07:08 PM]

By To the Editor Plymouth Democrats are a “small but mighty” team this year! Although we are not running anyone for the position of mayor, there are numerous candidates running on the Democratic ticket who…

YOUR VIEW: Mayor's sister weighs in on election
icon Posted: 01 November 2017 [07:08 PM]

By To the Editor: Anyone who knows my family and I knows we are a very close family. This election, so far, has been the worst one of all. The dirty campaigning from the other side…

Tuesday 10/31/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader: Bristol can't afford the current mayor
icon Posted: 31 October 2017 [07:18 PM]

By To the Editor: As a councilman, Ken Cockayne boasted he voted against all employee raises, but as mayor over the past two years, he very quietly initiated raises (disguised as ‘upgrades’) for 11 City Hall…

YOUR VIEW: Cockayne support: Let his record stand
icon Posted: 31 October 2017 [07:17 PM]

By To the Editor: As a resident of Bristol for many years, I have seen politicians come and go. Some good, some bad. But, in my estimation, Ken Cockayne has done a great job. First, as…

Monday 10/30/2017
Your View: Plainville voters asked to re-elect Republican team
icon Posted: 30 October 2017 [08:22 PM]

To the Editor: Andrea and I have truly enjoyed serving the town of Plainville on the Board of Education and Town Council, respectively. We are so proud to be a part of the way our town government now functions. The…

Your View: Bristol native backs Kelley for City Council
icon Posted: 30 October 2017 [08:17 PM]

To the Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to endorse my brother-in-law, Peter Kelley, for City Council. While I no longer reside in Bristol, I take great interest in the state of affairs in my hometown.…

Your View: President Toro demonstrates 'family sense' of CCSU
icon Posted: 30 October 2017 [08:15 PM]

To the Editor: CCSU President Zulmo Toro recently announced to the campus community and beyond that she was cancelling her inauguration. She said that, “[w]ith so many people suffering from the recent natural disasters and calamities…it would be inappropriate…

Sunday 10/29/2017
YOUR VIEW: Vote Row B for Republican ticket
icon Posted: 29 October 2017 [08:28 PM]

By To the Editor: It is an indisputable fact that the progress made in Bristol since Republicans took control of city government is real, measurable, tangible and significant. Crime rates have decreased. The grand list has increased.…

YOUR VIEW: Supports Preleski in Second District
icon Posted: 29 October 2017 [08:26 PM]

By To the Editor: I have known Dave Preleski on both a personal basis as well as professionally for many years. I have always found Dave to be a caring and conscientious individual. He demonstrates…

Saturday 10/28/2017
Your View: Supports Democratic candidates in Bristol election
icon Posted: 28 October 2017 [08:03 PM]

To the Editor: I wanted to convey my support of the Democratic candidates for City Council and for the mayoral candidate, Ellen Zoppo-Sassu. I have been working on writing postcards, and getting the word out about the Democratic candidates. All…

Your View: Employee supports Cockayne
icon Posted: 28 October 2017 [08:02 PM]

To the Editor,: I am writing this letter in support of Mayor Ken Cockayne. I have worked for the mayor since August 2016 as his executive assistant and I feel a sense of responsibility to give the voting public my…

Your View: Zoppo-Sassu is a 'public servant'
icon Posted: 28 October 2017 [08:01 PM]

To the Editor: In the dozen years I have known Ellen Zoppo Sassu, I have heard her speak on many occasions, be it as city councilor, the chair of the MBS Task Force or on behalf of one of the…

Your View: Mayor cites city accomplishments
icon Posted: 28 October 2017 [08:00 PM]

To the Editor: I was surprised to see the Democratic response to the Chamber of Commerce candidates’ debate. Now, all of a sudden, they are fiscally conservative? When did that happen? So far, I’ve heard from my opponent that the…

Your View: Tyrrell brings experience, dedication to Plainville
icon Posted: 28 October 2017 [07:59 PM]

To the Editor: I am writing in support of Becky Tyrrell’s re-election to the Plainville Board of Education. I met Becky 20 years ago working together on the PTO at Toffolon School. It was evident then that Becky had…

Friday 10/27/2017
YOUR VIEW: Tom Barnes for treasurer of Bristol
icon Posted: 27 October 2017 [10:06 PM]

By To the Editor: I think many voters may underestimate the roles and responsibilities of the city treasurer’s position in Bristol. Those responsibilities are not only detailed in the in the Connecticut General Statutes, but also in…

YOUR VIEW: Re-elect Cockayne mayor
icon Posted: 27 October 2017 [10:05 PM]

By To the Editor: As citizens of Connecticut, we continue to suffer from the financial mess that the state of Connecticut is in, all because of the poor leadership and financial incompetence at the state level. Thanks to…

Thursday 10/26/2017
Your View: Praise for Zoppo-Sassu from a Bristol native
icon Posted: 26 October 2017 [06:18 PM]

To the Editor: I moved back to my hometown of Bristol in December of 2007 after traveling, studying and working in several other states and countries. I made the decision to start my photography business in the place where my…

Your View: Flier besmirched Merchant unfairly
icon Posted: 26 October 2017 [06:17 PM]

To the Editor: I, as many of you, read the flier that came with our mail. It is captioned: “Mayor Merchant conducts town business illegally.” My question is, how much is a life worth? This is not a rhetorical question.…

Wednesday 10/25/2017
Your View: Reasons to vote for Zoppo-Sassu
icon Posted: 25 October 2017 [07:04 PM]

To the Editor: While we are at an all-time low in national politics I feel compelled to address recent headlines in the Bristol Press. The parallels of leadership between Bristol and Washington are getting chillingly close. This bullying and disrespect…

Your View: Supporter describes accomplishments of 'Mayor Ken'
icon Posted: 25 October 2017 [07:03 PM]

To the Editor: Mayor Ken Cockayne has done an incredible job as mayor in his two terms. I am very enthusiastic about him continuing as our mayor. Here are a few of the highlights Mayor Ken has accomplished: 1) Zero…