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POWELL: Housing lawsuit distracts; and Osten's trivial pander

By CHRIS POWELL Many people want to get out of Hartford, just as many people already have gotten out, the city having lost a third of its population since 1950. The problem for the people who still want to get…

icon Posted: 27 November 2020 [08:41 PM]

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Wednesday 11/25/2020
POWELL: Overlooked telling details invite virus policy rethink
icon Posted: 25 November 2020 [08:01 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL Amid the growing panic fanned by news organizations about the rebound in the virus epidemic, last week's telling details were largely overlooked. First, most of the recent "virus-associated" deaths in Connecticut again have been those of frail…

Monday 11/23/2020
POWELL: Censoriousness veers left; and Senator Murphy's Vietnam
icon Posted: 23 November 2020 [07:59 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL Not so long ago censoriousness was a phenomenon of the political right. Mere liberals were called communists and spies and drummed out of their jobs. The political right sought to ban books and writers as subversive or…

Sunday 11/22/2020
POWELL: Even hospital capacity can't be state's primary objective
icon Posted: 22 November 2020 [09:14 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL Maybe it will turn out to be only a fluke, but amid the renewed panic about the virus epidemic there is some interesting detail in the monthly death statistics of the state Department of Public Health. In…

Wednesday 11/18/2020
POWELL: Underneath the epidemic, economic disaster for state
icon Posted: 18 November 2020 [04:39 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL His handling of the virus epidemic has doubled Governor Lamont's public approval rating, giving him more fans than detractors. But judging from recent developments that are being overshadowed by the epidemic, the governor could be forgiven if…

Monday 11/16/2020
POWELL: Why should public cheer next education secretary?
icon Posted: 16 November 2020 [08:36 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL Many teachers around the country are cheering the forthcoming change in national administration  because Betsy DeVos will be replaced as secretary of the U.S. Education Department. DeVos, an heiress and philanthropist, has been a fan of charter…

Thursday 11/12/2020
POWELL: 'Take back our grid'? That will be the day
icon Posted: 12 November 2020 [08:13 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL After the supposedly slow response by Eversource Energy and United Illuminating to the widespread electricity outages in Connecticut caused by the tropical storm in August, there were calls for state government to take over the electricity distribution…

Tuesday 11/10/2020
POWELL: Too much voting by mail risks integrity of elections
icon Posted: 10 November 2020 [04:28 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL After warning that the U.S. Postal Service might sabotage the vast increase in voting by mail for last week's national election, leading Democrats in Connecticut are renewing their calls for allowing everyone to vote by mail just…

Sunday 11/08/2020
POWELL: Serious cases, not tests, should measure epidemic
icon Posted: 08 November 2020 [07:35 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL Everybody in Connecticut is tired of the virus epidemic, and no one is more entitled to be tired of it than Governor Lamont. It has devastated the finances of state government, commandeered its management, crippled education at…

Tuesday 11/03/2020
POWELL: 'Connecticut commitment' isn't for poor college kids
icon Posted: 03 November 2020 [09:01 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL When he was inaugurated as president of the University of Connecticut a year ago, Thomas C. Katsouleas made a grand gesture. He said that henceforth the university would waive tuition for new students from families with annual…

Monday 11/02/2020
POWELL: Politics gets more corrupt and takes journalism along
icon Posted: 02 November 2020 [07:51 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL For four years any disparaging story about President Trump has been touted by national news organizations even if its source was anonymous. Of course given his business record and character it is easy to believe almost any…

Sunday 11/01/2020
POWELL: Weakening police immunity isn't clear and needs review
icon Posted: 01 November 2020 [07:51 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL Sailing against a heavy political wind, Republican candidates for the General Assembly have been heartened by the vigorous endorsements they are getting from police unions, which this year have broken away from the government employee union apparatus…

Thursday 10/29/2020
POWELL: Stop scaring Connecticut; and Murphy The Red Baiter
icon Posted: 29 October 2020 [09:10 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL Every day Governor Lamont conscientiously reports the "positivity rate" of coronavirus tests administered in Connecticut, and news organizations report it as if the state's fate hangs on the data. Lately the "positivity rate," the percentage of tests…

What is probate?
icon Posted: 29 October 2020 [09:07 PM]

By ROBERT A. SCALISE, JR. In Connecticut, the Probate Courts handle a variety of matters including guardianships, emancipation and adoption of children, conservatorships, mental health commitments and guardianships of persons with intellectual disabilities. However, when most people think of “Probate”…

It's time to review your Medicare coverage
icon Posted: 29 October 2020 [09:04 PM]

By SEEMA VERMA Medicare’s annual Open Enrollment season is underway, and I want to encourage all people with Medicare to review their current health and prescription drug coverage. Under President Trump’s leadership, Medicare Advantage Plan premiums have fallen to historic…

Monday 10/26/2020
POWELL: Spite all state Republicans, get tolls and higher taxes
icon Posted: 26 October 2020 [08:53 PM]

By CHRIS POWELL Should every Republican on the party's ticket with President Trump this year be defeated if he won't denounce or at least criticize the president for his demeanor, policies or both? That's the suggestion of New London Day…

Sunday 10/25/2020
What are the goals you want to achieve?
icon Posted: 25 October 2020 [08:35 PM]

Jimmy Buffett once sang, "We all got 'em, we all want 'em. What do we do with 'em?" Although he was talking about relationships, the same could be said about goals. Many people have goals, and many people want…

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How to stop the pandemic in the U.S.
icon Posted: 03 July 2020 [03:05 PM]

The woman’s suffrage movement was in full swing when the Great Flu of 1918 hit. They decided to have their annual convention anyway. They allowed only delegates, and spaced the chairs four feet apart, but they caught a lot…

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Fighting COVID-19 is like wartime
icon Posted: 15 April 2020 [08:23 PM]

Most of us have never experienced anything like the current COVID-19 pandemic in our lifetimes. The closest analogy many people think of in connection with the pandemic is that of a war. Indeed, a number of individuals have likened it…

Sunday 03/29/2020
Friday 03/13/2020
What we need right now is a little Irish wit and wisdom
icon Posted: 13 March 2020 [07:52 PM]

We could use some Irish wit and wisdom right now. Here’s a good start: “You’ll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind.” That’s a lesson well-taught by the many Irish immigrants, including my great-grandfather, who boldly…

Friday 03/06/2020
Real Super Tuesday winner is the Democratic Party
icon Posted: 06 March 2020 [08:03 PM]

For months, establishment and center-left Democrats faced a seemingly intractable problem. Moderate and establishment-friendly candidates were staying in the race, each hoping for the opportunity to try to beat Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in a one-on-one primary fight. But by…

Health Care susprises are painful
icon Posted: 06 March 2020 [08:00 PM]

For almost a year, politicians in Washington have talked about the need to fix the problem of surprise medical billing. But, per usual, they haven’t done anything about it. It shouldn’t be this hard. To review: the bidding -…

Sunday 03/01/2020
MAYOR'S COLUMN: Why the Census matters to Bristol
icon Posted: 01 March 2020 [08:26 PM]

March marks the kick-off of the city encouraging all of its residents to answer the census to ensure we have a complete count. Obtaining a full, fair, and accurate count of everyone is essential for representation and federal funding. Invitations…

Friday 02/28/2020
Major League Baseball's Manfred strikes out
icon Posted: 28 February 2020 [07:31 PM]

By The Washington Times If Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred hated baseball and wanted to destroy it, he wouldn’t be acting any differently. America’s pastime needs new leadership, stat. Begin with Mr. Manfred’s pathetic reaction to the…

Could Sanders turn Jews into Trump supporters?
icon Posted: 28 February 2020 [07:27 PM]

This is a scary moment for centrist and pro-Israel Democrats. Sen. Bernie Sanders’s overwhelming victory in the Nevada caucuses, coupled with the disastrous debut of Michael Bloomberg in last week’s Las Vegas debate, has forced the party’s establishment to confront…

Thursday 02/27/2020
Coronavirus frightened markets, not the Fed
icon Posted: 27 February 2020 [07:34 PM]

The U.S. equity market finally is taking notice of the coronavirus, which now is spreading from China to other countries and increasing the risk of a shock that could cause a U.S. recession. So what are the implications for the…

Wednesday 02/26/2020
CHRIS POWELL: Less war means fewer jets and tanks and submarines
icon Posted: 26 February 2020 [08:00 PM]

Columnist Connecticut’s members of Congress, all Democrats, are upset - some almost apoplectic - about President Trump’s using his emergency power to divert military appropriations away from nuclear submarine and jet-fighter procurement to help finance the wall he is having…

GUEST COMMENTARY: CCARC disappointed by low legislator turnout
icon Posted: 26 February 2020 [07:56 PM]

On Friday, February 21, 2020 CCARC hosted its annual Legislative Breakfast in partnership with a dozen community non-profits, including Community Mental Health Affiliates (CMHA). The New Britain Herald’s coverage of this important event aptly portrays the abysmal reality Connecticut…

Monday 02/24/2020
Pate Buttagieg's bad immigration proposal
icon Posted: 24 February 2020 [08:49 PM]

Pete Buttigieg, one of the surviving Democratic presidential candidates, goes from up to down to sideways in his pursuit of the elusive 2020 nomination. The former South Bend mayor was up in Iowa and New Hampshire but is struggling in…

Friday 02/21/2020
PETER FUNT: Sooner or later, Klobuchar will take the prize
icon Posted: 21 February 2020 [07:10 PM]

Columnist Amy Klobuchar’s results in Nevada, Feb. 22, and South Carolina, Feb. 29, will likely be more modest than her surprisingly strong finishes in New Hampshire and Iowa. Yet, the senior senator from Minnesota might have the best chance of…

Winds of Mideast change worth remembering at the ballot box
icon Posted: 21 February 2020 [07:08 PM]

The significance of two events that have been upstaged this week by the Hebrew media’s incessant coronavirus coverage cannot be overemphasized-particularly with the fast approach of the March 2 Knesset elections. One was the rejection of an appeal by an…

Thursday 02/20/2020
Why Trump is letting a corrupt Democrat out of prison
icon Posted: 20 February 2020 [08:02 PM]

“I’ve got this thing, and it’s f---ing golden,” said then-Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois in 2008, referring to his ability to fill the Senate seat of President-elect Barack Obama. “And I’m just not giving it up for f---ing nothing.” We…

Monday 02/17/2020
CHRIS POWELL: Democrats proclaim their cowardice on tolls
icon Posted: 17 February 2020 [07:40 PM]

Columnist How could Connecticut’s Democratic state legislators, the majority in the General Assembly, most humiliate themselves? Hold their caucuses in public with journalists invited? Publish transcripts of their conversations with special interests? Maybe a pie-throwing contest? Those might be good…

Monday 02/10/2020
The GOP has normalized lawlessness
icon Posted: 10 February 2020 [07:55 PM]

For more than 200 years, our republic has endured, not only because of the wisdom of our Founders and the brilliance of our Constitution, but because of the generations of patriotic Americans who have had the courage to risk their…

Friday 02/07/2020
Releasing terrorists is wrong
icon Posted: 07 February 2020 [07:38 PM]

The headline about a terror attack read “London stabbing suspect was recently released from prison.” That “suspect” had been released about a week ago after serving half of his sentence of three years and four months for terror offenses. And…

Monday 02/03/2020
MICHAEL REAGAN: The dangerous impeachment policy in our nation
icon Posted: 03 February 2020 [07:55 PM]

Columnist It doesn’t matter whether the impeachment trial of President Trump is already over or it drags on for months. Two-thirds of the U.S. Senate is never going to find the president guilty of the House Democrats’ vague and bogus…

Sunday 02/02/2020
Friday 01/31/2020
CHRIS POWELL: Political correctness can't turn boys into girls
icon Posted: 31 January 2020 [07:47 PM]

Columnist Few people care if men want to dress up as women or women as men. For most such people it’s not a lark but a deep psychological issue likely to cause them some trouble throughout their lives. They are…

Democratic Party needs to tell Hillary to go away
icon Posted: 31 January 2020 [07:46 PM]

At some point, the national Democratic Party’s leadership will discover a backbone and summon up the courage to sever its connection to Hillary Clinton. Continued eye-rolling and hand-wringing each time Clinton delivers another critique of the party’s current field seeking…

Sunday 01/19/2020
CHRIS POWELL: Tolls aren't really for transit
icon Posted: 19 January 2020 [07:49 PM]

Columnist With Democratic state senators scrambling to assemble 18 votes to support imposing highway tolls on big trucks, their majority leader, Norwalk Sen. Bob Duff, declared at a forum last weekend that it’s “a big myth” that state government has…