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President Trump was right to stand up for Navy SEAL

Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher is a highly decorated combat veteran who made the mistake of posing for a photograph with a dead ISIS combatant. It was a breach of etiquette, to be sure. And it was not good optics…

icon Posted: 05 December 2019 [05:40 PM]

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Thursday 12/05/2019
Another world summit, wild display from Trump
icon Posted: 05 December 2019 [05:39 PM]

The Washington Post On Monday, House Republicans defended President Donald Trump from impeachment by (rather charitably) calling his brand of international relations an “ ‘outside the Beltway’ approach to diplomacy.” On Tuesday, Trump stepped outside the Beltway and reinforced how…

Wednesday 12/04/2019
THEIR VIEW: Humanity's future is 'bleak'
icon Posted: 04 December 2019 [02:08 PM]

Editorial The U.N. Environment Program released its latest report last week on where we are and where we need to be on addressing climate change. The word the authors chose to describe humanity’s future: “bleak.” “Countries collectively failed to stop…

THEIR VIEW: GOP needs to help secure our elections
icon Posted: 04 December 2019 [02:07 PM]

Editorial The surest way to guard our democracy against foreign interference? Persuade the meddlers not to meddle in the first place. Congress has a last chance to take a common-sense step in that direction before lawmakers call it a year.…

Monday 12/02/2019
Doctors are unnecessarily torturing dementia patients
icon Posted: 02 December 2019 [03:38 PM]

Special To The Washington Post About 1 in 4 elderly people will develop dementia. Many of them will be tortured by doctors. I should know: I am one of those doctors. I recently tortured an 88-year-old woman with advanced dementia.…

I'm not a junkie, give me the painkillers, already
icon Posted: 02 December 2019 [03:37 PM]

Special To The Washington Post Hi, Orthopedic Surgeon, it’s me. Your patient, who’s having double knee surgery for two torn menisci and two Baker’s cysts. You saw my MRIs and diagnosed the tears. So can we acknowledge I’m not some…

Sunday 12/01/2019
It's time for all votes to matter in elections
icon Posted: 01 December 2019 [12:53 PM]

Cagle Cartoons Here’s one safe prediction for the 2020 presidential campaign. Twelve so-called “battleground” states will once again command nearly 100 percent of the candidates’ general-election time and attention. The remaining 38 “spectator” states will be totally ignored because they…

Friday 11/29/2019
THEIR VIEW: Another billionaire seeks presidency
icon Posted: 29 November 2019 [02:45 PM]

By Providence Journal Editorial One of the more interesting developments in the 2020 presidential race is the belated entry of 77-year-old billionaire Michael Bloomberg into the Democratic primary. His perception of the weakness of the Democratic field drove the businessman…

THEIR VIEW: Protest put sports in proper perspective
icon Posted: 29 November 2019 [02:43 PM]

By The Connecticut Post Editorial On this much, everyone can agree. When it comes to the halftime protest at the 2019 Harvard-Yale football game, the protesters chose their time and venue well. Students and other activists drew widespread attention on…

Thursday 11/28/2019
THEIR VIEW: Free press is under attack
icon Posted: 28 November 2019 [06:30 PM]

As Egyptian strongman Abdel Fattah el-Sissi has stifled the country’s media in recent years, one organization has stood out for its continued independence and valuable reporting. That is the website Mada Masr, which appears in Arabic and English. Though the…

THEIR VIEW: Don't stop on impeachment
icon Posted: 28 November 2019 [06:24 PM]

During two weeks of public hearings, House Democrats have laid out a compelling case for bringing articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. One after another, career government officials and diplomats have corroborated the initial whistleblower assertion: The president sought…

Wednesday 11/27/2019
THEIR VIEW: Building a wind industry across CT
icon Posted: 27 November 2019 [12:06 PM]

Editorial In meeting with officials from Orsted and Eversource, the offshore wind power partnership eyeing the New London port as a staging site and, more recently, with Lars Pedersen, the CEO of Vineyard Wind, which has focused on Bridgeport as…

THEIR VIEW: 'No one is above the law'
icon Posted: 27 November 2019 [12:06 PM]

Editorial U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on Monday eviscerated the Trump administration’s lawless intransigence in a ruling that was as sharp as it should have been predictable. No, former White House counsel Donald McGahn is not “absolutely immune from…

Tuesday 11/26/2019
THEIR VIEW: China is achieving its 'beauty' by means of cultural genocide
icon Posted: 26 November 2019 [02:06 PM]

Editorial China’s government has insisted that the mass incarceration facilities in Xinjiang province in the far northwest of the country should not be called reeducation or concentration camps, but rather vocational skills training centers. To read the secret official manualon…

THEIR VIEW: Trump's EPA continues to attack science
icon Posted: 26 November 2019 [02:04 PM]

Editorial In a revolting exercise in sophistry, nonscientist Andrew Wheeler, Donald Trump’s pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency, has turned the principles of science against science itself. Recently Wheeler, a lawyer and former coal industry lobbyist, announced that the…

Monday 11/25/2019
How the West can protect Iran's brave protesters from Rouhani
icon Posted: 25 November 2019 [07:44 PM]

Bloomberg The Iranian regime is claiming that the latest spasm of street protests is dying down, with President Hassan Rouhani declaring a “victory” for the Islamic Republic. Skepticism is in order: The regime has not yet fully lifted its…

Chick-fil-A's capitulation is sad but not surprising
icon Posted: 25 November 2019 [07:43 PM]

Cagle Cartoons I’m not going to stop eating at Chick-fil-A for three reasons. First, I like it. Second, if I started avoiding businesses with which I might have a philosophical or ideological difference of opinion, my options would be pretty…

Sunday 11/24/2019
THEIR VIEW: UAW needs bolder steps
icon Posted: 24 November 2019 [01:44 PM]

Editorial The acting president of the 400,000-member United Auto Workers has announced a range of reforms to address the union’s yearslong corruption scandal. Without more teeth and without cultural changes at the top of the union, they are just window…

Friday 11/22/2019
THEIR VIEW: Chick-fil-A concedes, left needs new target
icon Posted: 22 November 2019 [03:03 PM]

Editorial The left’s culture warriors always need new monsters to slay. Among their most improbable targets in recent years is the famously friendly restaurant chain Chick-fil-A, which this week appears to have surrendered. In 2012 CEO Dan Cathy, a committed…

Thursday 11/21/2019
Trump's dangerous war on the National Security Council
icon Posted: 21 November 2019 [05:57 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine is primarily a story about a president who appears to have weaponized foreign policy in a bid to bolster his own electoral chances. Yet it is also a…

This Thanksgiving, let the mashed potatoes fly!
icon Posted: 21 November 2019 [05:56 PM]

Cagle Cartoons America could use a good food fight this Thanksgiving. Every day in our country, factions grow and battle lines harden. Americans are spending more time with like-minded people, their “tribes,” and less with people holding differing viewpoints, those…

Wednesday 11/20/2019
THEIR VIEW: Mitch McConnell needs to do something about gun violence
icon Posted: 20 November 2019 [01:46 PM]

Editorial Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., took to the Senate floor last Thursday to try to force a vote on gun-control legislation. He argued, "We can't go 24 hours without news of another mass shooting somewhere in America." Indeed, as he…

THEIR VIEW: Iran shuts off protests
icon Posted: 20 November 2019 [01:45 PM]

Editorial Iran had a blunt solution this weekend to an eruption of protests by angry citizens: Turn off the Internet. All of it. Web shutdowns have become a common strategy for repressive governments eager to disrupt civilians' ability to act…

Tuesday 11/19/2019
THEIR VIEW: Save the 'Dreamers' now
icon Posted: 19 November 2019 [07:24 PM]

Once again, President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are refusing to act on immigration reform. And once again, children brought to the United States without any say in the matter are the victims, their lives in danger of being torn…

Trump needs to explain his impromptu hospital visit
icon Posted: 19 November 2019 [07:22 PM]

The president of the United States had some free time on his hands Saturday,so he decided to go to Walter Reed Hospital for some routine medical tests as part of his annual checkup - next year’s annual checkup. That’s the…

How the U.S. can help Iranians and hurt Iran's regime
icon Posted: 19 November 2019 [07:21 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion The full extent of the protests that erupted across Iran over the weekend is hard to gauge, not least because the regime in Tehran has shut down internet access for most of the country. That decision suggests that…

Santa Clarita teacher: Nothing will come of shooting at my school
icon Posted: 19 November 2019 [07:19 PM]

Special To The Washington Post We will be yesterday’s news. Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California, has joined the list of all-too-familiar tragedies - Columbine, Parkland, Sandy Hook. But in a week, the news cycle will have moved on.…

Monday 11/18/2019
China can silence me. But it can't silence Hong Kong's movement
icon Posted: 18 November 2019 [08:49 PM]

Special To The Washington Post This week I was deprived of the right to participate in Hong Kong’s political system. On Tuesday, Hong Kong authorities barred me from running in local elections for district council. I was the only candidate…

Biden will win Dem nomination, if only by default
icon Posted: 18 November 2019 [08:49 PM]

Cagle Cartoons Joe Biden is going to win the Democratic nomination for president. I wouldn’t run to your bookie with this information. My track record is spotty, at best. But I’ll be shocked if I’m wrong and I’ll have plenty…

Sunday 11/17/2019
THEIR VIEW: A super big problem
icon Posted: 17 November 2019 [07:56 PM]

Medical science has advanced so far that we’ve long come to expect that just about any illness can be treated. But drug-resistant infections are advancing even more rapidly and they’re overtaking the best that medical science has to offer. In…

Banning e-cigarettes could do harm
icon Posted: 17 November 2019 [07:55 PM]

The nation is facing two distinct vaping-related health crises: surging e-cigarette use among teenagers and a lung-injury outbreak that has sickened more than 2,000 people and killed at least 40. Both have exposed yawning gaps in the nation’s public health…

Republicans stay tethered to toxic Trump
icon Posted: 17 November 2019 [07:52 PM]

Cagle Cartoons The lesson of the 2019 state elections confirmed the lesson of the 2018 congressional midterms: Donald Trump can stage all the demagogic rallies he wants, but he’s powerless to reverse the GOP’s hemorrhaging in the populous suburbs. Let’s…

Neighborliness gets a little harder in Trump Country
icon Posted: 17 November 2019 [07:51 PM]

Special To The Washington Post HILLSBORO, Ohio - The majority of residents in the Trump Country stronghold of Highland County remain united around President Donald Trump. Rather than shaking their resolve, the impeachment proceedings are solidifying their support. But while…

Friday 11/15/2019
THEIR VIEW: Texas voters make the right call on taxes
icon Posted: 15 November 2019 [01:49 PM]

Editorial Texas has become one of America’s fastest-growing states, thanks in part to its lack of a state income tax. So it was encouraging last week when Lone Star State voters made it even more difficult to impose such a…

Thursday 11/14/2019
Why does the U.S. still believe the myth of the 'good coup'?
icon Posted: 14 November 2019 [05:30 PM]

Special to The Washington Post U.S. officials have developed a bad habit of endorsing military meddling in global politics - ironically, in the name of democracy. Some heralded the resignation of Bolivian President Evo Morales this week after nearly 14…

New report paints dire picture of low-wage jobs
icon Posted: 14 November 2019 [05:29 PM]

Cagle Cartoons The Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program just released a study that casts serious doubt on President Trump’s insistence that the economy is improving, and that the employment market is strong. Brookings’ findings confirm that working doesn’t necessarily translate…

Wednesday 11/13/2019
THEIR VIEW: Congress, free the 'dreamers'
icon Posted: 13 November 2019 [01:59 PM]

Editorial In the expansive realm of congressional dysfunction, there are few recent examples that surpass the failure to shield from deportation hundreds of thousands of unauthorized migrants, now in their 20s and 30s, who have grown up, studied and entered…

THEIR VIEW: Good riddance to Beto
icon Posted: 13 November 2019 [01:59 PM]

Editorial Beto O’Rourke, the former congressman from Texas who thought extremist demagoguery was the path to the presidency, has dropped out of the race for the Democratic Party nomination for that office. Politicians do not drop out of races until…

Tuesday 11/12/2019
Nikki Haley's damning defense of Trump
icon Posted: 12 November 2019 [07:24 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion Nikki Haley, President Donald Trump’s former ambassador to the United Nations, has made news twice during her book tour. She has said that Trump should not be impeached “for asking for a favor that didn’t happen” and for…

With arrest of journalist, Nigeria's Buhari is up to his old tricks
icon Posted: 12 November 2019 [07:23 PM]

The Washington Post Political strongmen would have you believe they’re tough as nails, but they always turn out to have very thin skin. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari likes to call himself a “converted democrat.” At least that’s what he said…

THEIR VIEW: Confronting our biases on race
icon Posted: 12 November 2019 [07:21 PM]

educing personal or institutional racial bias without first admitting it exists. That message was delivered by Connecticut Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard A. Robinson during “A Conversation on Race,” held Thursday evening at Connecticut College. The first black man to…

THEIR VIEW: Televised impeachment hearings a bind for GOP
icon Posted: 12 November 2019 [07:20 PM]

Once impeachment hearings are on TV, will Republicans who’ve been complaining mightily about secrecy begin to argue that the whole thing is just too show-business? Don’t bet against it, because with this crowd, anything seems possible, with almost nothing beneath…

Monday 11/11/2019
THEIR VIEW: No place to hide
icon Posted: 11 November 2019 [09:25 PM]

It is doubtful that ISIS - the Islamic State terrorist organization - was without a leader for more than a few hours after its former head, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, died by his own hand rather than be captured in a…

THEIR VIEW: The cartelization of Mexico
icon Posted: 11 November 2019 [09:22 PM]

The slaughter last Monday of three Mormon women and six children, all American citizens who were longtime residents of Mexico, brings home a cruel reality of America’s neighbor to the south. Drug gangs control huge swathes of the country, and…

Virginia's political transformation is complete
icon Posted: 11 November 2019 [09:21 PM]

The Washington Post Tuesday night saw the completion of Virginia’s transformation from red to blue, as Democrats took control of both houses of the General Assembly for the first time in a generation. The shift began a decade ago at…

Senate must not legitimize sham impeachment
icon Posted: 11 November 2019 [09:19 PM]

Special To The Washington Post There are three paths before Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell when it comes to any articles of impeachment the House of Representatives eventually sends the Senate’s way. One is short: a quick dismissal by the…