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THEIR VIEW: Traffic could take a toll

Some of the most vibrant cities in the world have done it - just none in the United States. In busy places such as London and Singapore, drivers must pay a fee to enter central business districts, a policy designed…

icon Posted: 19 March 2019 [08:14 PM]

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Tuesday 03/19/2019
Graham offers tepid defense of McCain
icon Posted: 19 March 2019 [08:10 PM]

WASHINGTON - Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., has made little secret that his pro-Trump conversion has been about politics - specifically his own 2020 campaign. In a recent interview with The New York Times Magazine, he noted that even his close…

This is the end of the death penalty in America as we know it
icon Posted: 19 March 2019 [08:08 PM]

On Wednesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a moratorium on the death penalty, saying he would grant clemency to all 737 people on death row in San Quentin. The closing of the nation’s largest death row brings us much closer…

Monday 03/18/2019
A recession is coming, and maybe a bear market, too
icon Posted: 18 March 2019 [07:59 PM]

I first suggested the U.S. economy was headed toward a recession more than a year ago, and now others are forecasting the same. I give a business downturn starting this year a two-thirds probability. The recessionary indicators are numerous. Tighter…

The myth of ideology: No, Democrats' energy isn't all on the left
icon Posted: 18 March 2019 [07:58 PM]

Beto O’Rourke, whatever you think of his celebrity treatment or his qualifications, has debunked, once more, the notion that the parties must cater to their most extreme elements. You would have thought Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, purveyor of conservative purity…

The cheating parents of California
icon Posted: 18 March 2019 [07:56 PM]

The massive college admissions scam - where rich and famous people in California are being charged with cheating and paying bribes to get their kids into top colleges - is only the tip of what is said to be a…

Congress should prohibit discriminatory data practices
icon Posted: 18 March 2019 [07:55 PM]

An internet privacy bill introduced by Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., would prohibit discriminatory data practices. That is a good goal. But which practices qualify as discriminatory is a complicated question. Privacy activists have long stressed that data overcollection and…

Sunday 03/17/2019
THEIR VIEW: The war on refugees
icon Posted: 17 March 2019 [09:04 PM]

In seeking to justify the Trump administration’s massive reduction in the number of refugees allowed into the United States, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - who resisted the scale of the cut but lost out to White House hard-liners -…

ERIN STEWART: Committed to fighting opioid addiction
icon Posted: 17 March 2019 [09:03 PM]

You almost died. That’s the message scrawled on the cover of a pamphlet that emergency responders will soon give to individuals they encounter who are struggling with opioid addiction. Inside the tri-fold will be information on how to get…

Bribing your way into Yale is a waste of money
icon Posted: 17 March 2019 [08:58 PM]

Any parents who bribed and cheated to get their kids into elite universities would be buying into a pervasive misconception. It’s easy to assume that because students from elite schools make more money (they do), that going to those schools…

Social media platforms were used like weapons in New Zealand
icon Posted: 17 March 2019 [08:57 PM]

By· Margaret Sullivan The Washington Post Right from the twisted start, those who plotted to kill worshipers at two New Zealand mosques depended on the passive incompetence of Facebook, YouTube and other social-media platforms. They depended on the longtime priorities…

Friday 03/15/2019
THEIR VIEW: Better safe than sorry
icon Posted: 15 March 2019 [08:26 PM]

Flying in a commercial airliner is extraordinarily safe. Not only that, but it is also much safer than it used to be - worldwide accident deaths fell from 2,373 in 1972 to none in 2017 - and indeed much safer…

Nov. 3, 2020: The ideal date for Judgment Day
icon Posted: 15 March 2019 [08:26 PM]

WASHINGTON - Please, Tom Steyer, stop spending all that money on impeachment ads. If you want to run spots against President Trump, target his shameful 2020 budget. In the meantime, the rest of us should quit pretending there is a…

Meritocracy is a myth, and these people keep it alive
icon Posted: 15 March 2019 [08:26 PM]

Meritocracy may be a myth, but that means someone is keeping the fiction alive. The multimillion-dollar college admissions scandal the Justice Department announced this week gives us a sense of who - and why. Prosecutors alleged Tuesday that wealthy parents…

Thursday 03/14/2019
THEIR VIEW: Spend to the end
icon Posted: 14 March 2019 [08:59 PM]

The best that can be said for President Donald Trump’s $4.75 trillion budget plan for fiscal 2020 is that it has no chance of becoming law. This is almost always true of presidential budgets, because ultimately Congress does the nitty-gritty…

CHRIS POWELL: Lamont joins campaign to hide criminal records
icon Posted: 14 March 2019 [08:56 PM]

' Governor Lamont seems to have joined those who think justice requires concealing criminal records. According to The Day of New London, the governor has proposed legislation requiring the state Office of Policy and Management to compile and post on…

MICHAEL REAGAN: Illegal immigrants hurt Latinos the most
icon Posted: 14 March 2019 [08:54 PM]

I was out of the country for a week with my wife, but when we got back it was like nothing had changed. The national media were still yakking and arguing about the same BS they were when we left.…

Judge strongly rebukes Manafort and Trump's 'no collusion' refrain
icon Posted: 14 March 2019 [08:53 PM]

WASHINGTON - Judge Amy Berman Jackson made a series of strong statements before sentencing President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, on Wednesday. But one in particular struck at the core of Trump’s personal defense in the Russia investigation. She…

Wednesday 03/13/2019
THEIR VIEW: Democrats are hypocrites
icon Posted: 13 March 2019 [08:54 PM]

Post Views Which is it? Is President Donald Trump an unfit character potentially implicated in multiple crimes? Or is the evidence against him so thin that the future of his presidency properly should be determined in the next…

How Beto can catch fire if he enters the race
icon Posted: 13 March 2019 [08:49 PM]

Beto O’Rourke is expected to get into the 2020 presidential race any day now. In contrast to the entry of, say, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., which was flawlessly choreographed, O’Rourke’s long tease and haphazard approach are getting some Democrats’ dander…

Nope, there's still no nominee for secretary of defense
icon Posted: 13 March 2019 [08:48 PM]

Excuse the shouting, but this is one of the worst cases of negligence in governing since, well, I don’t know when. As I wrote a month ago, this is only the third prolonged case in history of using an acting…

Tuesday 03/12/2019
THEIR VIEW: Don't mess with NAFTA
icon Posted: 12 March 2019 [08:50 PM]

The U.S. economy is in excellent shape, a disappointing February job growth report notwithstanding. The unemployment rate is only 3.8 percent; inflation is under control. Both real wages and productivity growth have recently improved. The number of people in the…

Police need training to de-escalate perceived threats
icon Posted: 12 March 2019 [08:47 PM]

Sacramento County Dist. Atty. Anne Marie Schubert’s decision not to file criminal charges against the two officers who shot 22-year-old Stephon Clark to death a year ago did not reflect a determination that the officers acted properly. It was…

The trouble with the Ilhan Omar controversy
icon Posted: 12 March 2019 [08:45 PM]

A whole weekend, plus a couple of days, has elapsed since the House Democratic majority dealt with the controversy over Rep. Ilhan Omar’s allegedly anti-Semitic statements by passing a generic resolution condemning bigotry and hatred. The calm, however temporary it…

It took decades for a convicted Virginia man's exoneration
icon Posted: 12 March 2019 [08:44 PM]

Winston Scott was 19 years old in 1975, when he was accused of raping a Fairfax County, Virginia, woman. He said he didn’t do it. But he was convicted and served about five years of a 14-year prison sentence before…

Monday 03/11/2019
National security is a pretext for Trump's broad travel ban
icon Posted: 11 March 2019 [08:25 PM]

When the Supreme Court upheld the third iteration of President Donald Trump’s travel ban last year, it did so partly on the strength of a waiver program, under which the administration would grant visas to migrants from the affected countries…

What to watch when Biden, Beto launch
icon Posted: 11 March 2019 [08:24 PM]

Neither former Vice President Joe Biden nor former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas has officially entered the presidential race, but Democratic insiders have little doubt both will take the plunge. O’Rourke may leap into the fray in the next week…

State Democrats plan is to toll and tax all they can
icon Posted: 11 March 2019 [08:24 PM]

Watching last week’s hearing of the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee about highway tolls, last year’s Republican nominee for governor, Bob Stefanowski, mused that the election might have turned out differently if the Democrats had run on what has become their…

Auto tariffs are bad idea
icon Posted: 11 March 2019 [08:23 PM]

Evidently, President Donald Trump is still toying with the idea of imposing steep tariffs on cars and automotive parts. In a White House brimming with bad economic ideas, this would be the worst one yet. Last month, the Commerce Department…

Sunday 03/10/2019
THEIR VIEW: Standing with the NRA
icon Posted: 10 March 2019 [09:03 PM]

The House last week passed two major gun-control bills. We say “major” not because they would lead to sweeping changes in policy. In fact, they are pretty modest. They are major, though, in contrast with Congress’ total inaction on gun…

Government transparency challenged in Texas
icon Posted: 10 March 2019 [09:00 PM]

Texas’ highest criminal court has added another dangerous layer to the cloak of secrecy around how some government officials want to conduct our business. We say “our” because we elect these officials to be good stewards of our tax dollars…

Pardon me, pardon you, pardon everyone
icon Posted: 10 March 2019 [08:58 PM]

Though he has used it only a few times so far, President Donald Trump is clearly enamored of his power to pardon those who have committed federal crimes, no doubt because his decision is not subject to any pesky oversight…

Prosecutors can stop bad roadside drug tests from ruining lives
icon Posted: 10 March 2019 [08:57 PM]

Three years ago, Dasha Fincher was arrested in Monroe County, Georgia, after deputies performed an on-the-spot test of a bag of blue substance that they found in the car in which she was a passenger. The suspicious stuff tested…

Friday 03/08/2019
THEIR VIEW: A question of cruel and unusual punishment
icon Posted: 08 March 2019 [07:51 PM]

Editorial In a series of rulings over the past several decades interpreting the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment, the Supreme Court has prohibited the execution of some of the most helpless people in the nation, including children…

THEIR VIEW: Trump's power trip
icon Posted: 08 March 2019 [07:50 PM]

Editorial Did President Donald Trump seek to block a huge media merger because he was peeved at CNN? The allegation that the president threw his executive power around to punish a news media outlet he detests is at the core…

Thursday 03/07/2019
No question: You should stop listening to Michael Jackson's music
icon Posted: 07 March 2019 [06:34 PM]

What were they thinking? If you watch “Leaving Neverland,” the HBO documentary about Wade Robson and James Safechuck, two men who say that Michael Jackson sexually abused them as children, you will find yourselves asking that question a lot. Often…

It's time to recognize that Fox News is destroying America
icon Posted: 07 March 2019 [06:33 PM]

Chris Wallace is an exceptional interviewer, and Shepard Smith and Bret Baier are reality-based news anchors. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the overall problem of Fox News, which started out with bad intentions…

YOUR VIEW: Good op-ed on unfair treatment of African-Americans
icon Posted: 07 March 2019 [06:32 PM]

To The Editor: Thanks for your consistent coverage of the too often unfair treatment of African-Americans both at the hands of police officers, and common citizens. In today’s edition you had an editorial and a op-ed on these issues that…

YOUR VIEW: Better infrastructure will grow the economy
icon Posted: 07 March 2019 [06:30 PM]

To The Editor: Gov. Lamont has recently arrived at the conclusion that tolls are necessary on Connecticut’s roads. They are necessary because of the aging infrastructure, the high volume of traffic, and declining gas tax revenues exacerbated by the…

The measles threat
icon Posted: 07 March 2019 [06:29 PM]

For years, doctors have steadfastly debunked the unfounded claims against inoculation for measles. Yet false beliefs that the vaccine might cause seizures, autism, mercury poisoning or death have survived and proliferated, spread like a contagion via television and social media.…

Wednesday 03/06/2019
THEIR VIEW: FBI is stonewalling
icon Posted: 06 March 2019 [06:49 PM]

Editorial Here’s a question for Attorney General William Barr: Why has the FBI, which falls under your purview, sat for nearly 16 months on the unwarranted killing of an unarmed young accountant shot to death by U.S. Park police officers…

Tuesday 03/05/2019
THEIR VIEW: Release the report
icon Posted: 05 March 2019 [06:09 PM]

Michael Cohen’s appearance last week before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform was surely a spectacle. The former personal lawyer to President Donald Trump, who had spent a decade lunging at anyone who threatened Trump’s image or interests, marshaled…

Vermont's college system is underfunded
icon Posted: 05 March 2019 [06:08 PM]

Like every state government, Vermont does some things well, and can stand to improve in some areas. And then there’s the Green Mountain State’s chronic underfunding of its state college system - its most short-sighted and least defensible public policy.…

Otto Warmbier will haunt Trump forever
icon Posted: 05 March 2019 [06:06 PM]

President Donald Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam, last week was an epic failure on multiple fronts, but only one part of it seems to bother him. “We get along, we’ve developed a good relationship, very good,…

Twisters give Trump another chance to reward supporters
icon Posted: 05 March 2019 [06:04 PM]

It’s good when a majority of voters in your state back Donald Trump. Just ask the residents of Alabama, who discovered Monday morning that the president of the United States is going to make sure they receive VIP treatment following…

Monday 03/04/2019
Vice President Pence: America needs a Space Force
icon Posted: 04 March 2019 [07:10 PM]

SPECIAL TO The Washington Post Since taking office, President Donald Trump’s top priority has been to strengthen our national defense and protect the American people. We have made historic investments to rebuild our armed forces. We have removed unnecessary restraints…

Repairing the machinery of U.S. democracy
icon Posted: 04 March 2019 [07:09 PM]

HR 1, the legislation that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced in the first hours of the 116th Congress, is ambitious and remarkably wide-ranging. It proposes numerous electoral and public-ethics reforms. In most cases, these changes are both needed and long…

Senators, reject the emergency declaration
icon Posted: 04 March 2019 [07:09 PM]

The House has voted. Now the Senate must decide whether it will defend its prerogatives from this wayward White House. The primary question for senators is not whether they favor construction of a border wall. It is whether any president,…

Man-made disaster looms
icon Posted: 04 March 2019 [07:08 PM]

Most Americans know Puerto Rico as the scene of the worst humanitarian and economic disaster of our nation’s recent history, Hurricane Maria, which devastated the island in September 2017 and from which it has yet to recover completely. Just before…