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YOUR VIEW: I'm proud to support Rasmussen-Tuller

By SUSAN BYSIEWICZ To the Editor: Hello, I am Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz. I am very proud to endorse Andrew Rasmussen-Tuller for the 77th state representative district in Bristol. Andrew is a lifelong Bristol resident and has been involved…

icon Posted: 18 September 2020 [09:11 PM]

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Friday 09/18/2020
YOUR VIEW: I'm endorsing Angelico-Stetson
icon Posted: 18 September 2020 [09:09 PM]

By FRED JORTNER To the Editor: As a lifelong resident of Berlin and a former elected official, I am proud to endorse JoAnn Angelico-Stetson to be our next state representative from the 30th District. JoAnn has extensive experience in…

YOUR VIEW: Join me in voting for Angelico-Stetson
icon Posted: 18 September 2020 [09:07 PM]

By KAREN JACKIE To the Editor: In 2016, for numerous reasons, I attended an open house for the Berlin Democratic Town Committee. I knew a few members when I got there, but one person stood out: JoAnn Angelico-Stetson. Not…

Tuesday 09/15/2020
YOUR VIEW: Puppy shooter needs to be punished
icon Posted: 15 September 2020 [07:45 PM]

By KATHLEEN BAICH To the Editor: So, another bully shoots and kills an innocent puppy in front of minors. What an accomplishment! This happened in Cromwell. This monster should be held on criminal animal cruelty and firing a…

YOUR VIEW: President Trump supports our military
icon Posted: 15 September 2020 [07:41 PM]

By JOHN GERDIS To the Editor: It’s ironic that John Bolton (no friend of President Donald Trump) and Sara Sanders were in the room when President Trump supposedly called soldiers who die in war suckers and losers. It’s…

Friday 09/11/2020
YOUR VIEW: Thanks to all who made primary a success
icon Posted: 11 September 2020 [08:09 PM]

To The Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who worked the Southington polls during the August 11, 2020 Federal Primary. The poll workers made the voting experience easy, safe and clean. The addition of…

YOUR VIEW: Rasmussen-Tuller wants your vote
icon Posted: 11 September 2020 [08:08 PM]

To The Editor, During the pandemic, we have all learned that safety precautions save lives and lower infection rates. Whether that be wearing masks, social distancing, hand hygiene, or other methods of limiting exposure to others, these interventions have all…

Writer appreciates city's response after storm
icon Posted: 11 September 2020 [08:04 PM]

To the editor: On August 2, storm Isaias brought down a huge tree across my driveway and up to my front door. The fire department was in the area and stopped by to make sure everyone was safe. I…

Wednesday 09/09/2020
YOUR VIEW: Make sure to vote for Angelico-Stetson
icon Posted: 09 September 2020 [08:16 PM]

By RICHARD PASKIEWICZ To the Editor: Dedication, commitment and experience. Three highly desirable qualities you would like to see in each candidate seeking a political office. JoAnn Angelico-Stetson is a candidate for the Connecticut House of Representatives District 30,…

YOUR VIEW: Angelico-Stetson for state representative
icon Posted: 09 September 2020 [08:15 PM]

By BRUCE LAROCHE To the Editor: Details matter. When you look for experience in your next state representative look at the facts. With two terms of Town Council, one on the Board of Education and a concurrent term on the…

Tuesday 09/08/2020
YOUR VIEW: Hopefully visitors are self quarantining
icon Posted: 08 September 2020 [09:07 PM]

By RACHAEL DAVIS To the Editor: I hope visitors from states on the travel advisory list are complying with Executive Order No. 7III, and self quarantining. In the last two weeks, I’ve seen numerous cars driving around with license…

YOUR VIEW: People need to be more responsible
icon Posted: 08 September 2020 [09:06 PM]

By RACHAEL DAVIS To the Editor: Just another example of a stupid, selfish, disrespectful adult. Let’s hope you and the eight children don’t contract the virus. “In Cicero, Indiana, 40-year-old Matt McInnis planned to continue with tradition by getting…

Sunday 09/06/2020
Monday 08/31/2020
Sunday 08/23/2020
YOUR VIEW: Well done by the Plainville police
icon Posted: 23 August 2020 [08:42 PM]

By RACHAEL DAVIS To the Editor: Well done Plainville Police Department for arresting Crystal Davis, 40, for charges of second-degree robbery, fifth-degree larceny, second-degree reckless endangerment and second-degree breach of peace. She tried to steal $964 worth of items…

Wednesday 08/19/2020
YOUR VIEW: Vote for Stetson for state represenative
icon Posted: 19 August 2020 [08:58 PM]

By JULIE ERICKSON To the Editor: On Nov. 3, voters who live in the 30th District will vote to elect a new state representative. There is no debate that both candidates running truly care about Berlin and Southington, but…

Sunday 08/16/2020
YOUR VIEW: I want to thank Bristol Hospital
icon Posted: 16 August 2020 [08:10 PM]

By DORAL SIMPSON To the Editor: I would like to say thank you to Bristol Hospital for the hospitality they showed me during the recent power outage. I needed oxygen and they supplied it and food. I…

Monday 08/03/2020
YOUR VIEW: Stop & Shop needs to be clear on its policies
icon Posted: 03 August 2020 [08:25 PM]

By DAVID O’BRIEN To the Editor: After my recent shopping visit to Stop & Shop Berlin I was surprised to learn the policy of Stop & Shop for masks wearing was voluntary and not mediatory. I saw three young…

Sunday 08/02/2020
Friday 07/31/2020
YOUR VIEW: Our state's legislative process must be better
icon Posted: 31 July 2020 [08:17 PM]

By DAVE RACKLIFFE To the Editor: The State House of Representatives and the State Senate passed a bill - HB6004 - that includes a series of reforms aimed at police accountability, including the removal of qualified immunity. In the days…

Wednesday 07/29/2020
YOUR VIEW: Lamont's executive order is unconstitutional
icon Posted: 29 July 2020 [04:55 PM]

By STEFAN ZWOLINSKI To the Editor: This is, without a doubt, a troubling time for the state of Connecticut. Covid-19 has affected everyone’s lives. As a result, Gov. Ned Lamont has issued many executive orders to help the state deal…

Wednesday 07/22/2020
YOUR VIEW: Thank you Pasqualicchios
icon Posted: 22 July 2020 [08:09 PM]

By THOMAS DICKAU To the Editor: I was certainly filled with profound sadness, when Dave and Mike Pasqualicchio, told me that they had decided to close Nuchie’s. The location where Nuchie’s stands has served as either a saloon or restaurant…

Friday 07/17/2020
YOUR VIEW: Vote for Veach in GOP primary
icon Posted: 17 July 2020 [02:59 PM]

By MARY KATHRYN LAROSE To the Editor: On Aug. 11, Republican voters in the 30th House District, representing Berlin and Southington, have the opportunity to vote for Donna Veach, the endorsed Republican candidate. Donna is the candidate who can…

Friday 07/10/2020
A few ways to help your neighbors
icon Posted: 10 July 2020 [04:52 PM]

To The Editor: What do you do with the extra zucchini (and chard, tomatoes, beans, etc.)? It’s tougher this year with our soup kitchens not serving meals but some are accepting produce. Please do check with each beforehand to see…

Monday 07/06/2020
YOUR VIEW: Support Veach in GOP primary
icon Posted: 06 July 2020 [07:55 PM]

By ANDRA LOU MILLERD To the Editor: On Aug. 11, 2020 Connecticut Republicans are being asked to vote in a primary in order to finalize the candidates for November’s election. Voters in Berlin and Southington who live in Legislative District…

This is a pandemic of misinformation
icon Posted: 06 July 2020 [07:53 PM]

By HOWARD SCHNEIDER About a week ago, a friend sent us a post from Stanford University about how to self-diagnose the coronavirus and kill it once it enters the body. The diagnosis included holding your breath for at least 10…

Sunday 07/05/2020
Friday 07/03/2020
How to stop the pandemic in the U.S.
icon Posted: 03 July 2020 [03:05 PM]

The woman’s suffrage movement was in full swing when the Great Flu of 1918 hit. They decided to have their annual convention anyway. They allowed only delegates, and spaced the chairs four feet apart, but they caught a lot…

Sunday 06/28/2020
Monday 06/15/2020
YOUR VIEW: I'm proud to be living in Bristol
icon Posted: 15 June 2020 [01:31 PM]

By SARAH SULLIVAN To the Editor: I have been following the development of the city budget and their response to COVID-19 and now how the city is handling the racial unrest following the Floyd death. While I am a generally…

Friday 06/12/2020
YOUR VIEW: For our kids, don't cut essential services
icon Posted: 12 June 2020 [09:20 PM]

By Shannon Martin To the Editor: I’m an intake investigator for Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families. Before this pandemic, it was normal to get three cases of reported child abuse a week. Now, it’s half that. After 20 years…

YOUR VIEW: Our elected officials have to step up for us
icon Posted: 12 June 2020 [09:18 PM]

By Paul Zagorsky To the Editor: Our country is fractured and suffering, with an inflammatory President incapable of consoling those who are suffering, while national Republican elected leaders are silent in the face of such abhorrent behavior. The Constitution…

Sunday 06/07/2020
Finding ways to make change
icon Posted: 07 June 2020 [08:48 PM]

No words are sufficient to express the sadness and outrage we feel about George Floyd’s death, or to address the history that has led to that horrific event. As to all persons who are charged with a crime, in our…

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Monday 05/25/2020
YOUR VIEW: Can I help a kid attend summer camp?
icon Posted: 25 May 2020 [08:38 PM]

By DALE BROUKER To the Editor: I read that summer camp will be a go and wanted to inquire how much the cost will be for one kid? When I was growing up in Bristol, my parents couldn’t afford to…

Sunday 05/24/2020
Friday 05/22/2020
Monday 05/18/2020
Sunday 05/17/2020
Friday 05/15/2020
YOUR VIEW: Animal abuser should be deported
icon Posted: 15 May 2020 [07:15 PM]

To the Editor, I’m a little peeved at The Herald for not printing an article and writing about “Zero,” the poor, suffering dog who was beaten and then strangled by another scumbag. I would have let it go if I…

Tuesday 05/12/2020
YOUR VIEW: State doesn't need more people with guns
icon Posted: 12 May 2020 [08:03 PM]

By RACHAEL DAVIS To the Editor: Thank you Gov. Lamont and Attorney General William Tong for suspending the state law that prohibits state police and local police officials from refusing to collect fingerprints, as part of efforts to prevent the…

Monday 05/04/2020
Wednesday 04/15/2020
Fighting COVID-19 is like wartime
icon Posted: 15 April 2020 [08:23 PM]

Most of us have never experienced anything like the current COVID-19 pandemic in our lifetimes. The closest analogy many people think of in connection with the pandemic is that of a war. Indeed, a number of individuals have likened it…

Sunday 03/29/2020