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Mass shootings are still happening, being ignored

Cagle Cartoons Official Washington might have averted its gaze from the scourge of gun violence to focus on the unfolding impeachment drama surrounding President Donald Trump. But it’s been a deadly six weeks in cities and towns across America. Between…

icon Posted: 16 October 2019 [01:49 PM]

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Wednesday 10/16/2019
Sanders, Warren are widening the Democratic Party's left lane
icon Posted: 16 October 2019 [01:48 PM]

The Washington Post Early in the presidential race, many political analysts were eager to write off the two most progressive candidates vying for the Democratic nomination. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., had taken the party establishment by surprise in 2016, they…

THEIR VIEW: An important act of prevention
icon Posted: 16 October 2019 [01:47 PM]

Editorial Get your flu shot. It’s such a sound piece of advice - offered by nearly every private doctor, public health official and worker in the next cubicle over - that it’s a wonder anyone decides to take a pass…

THEIR VIEW: A firm response is needed
icon Posted: 16 October 2019 [01:47 PM]

Editorial Turkey’s invasion of northeastern Syria has been roundly and rightly criticized by the international community. As the situation deteriorates, the world quickly needs to move beyond mere opprobrium. So far, action has been limited. Several European nations have suspended…

Tuesday 10/15/2019
We need to stop raising our children to hate
icon Posted: 15 October 2019 [08:46 PM]

A Jeb Bush tweet this week got me thinking about some of the ways our nasty partisan politics has been hurting our kids. Paraphrasing Jeb, he asked, “How can parents teach their children that using bad language is wrong when…

Trump is playing a lose-lose game in Syria
icon Posted: 15 October 2019 [08:44 PM]

The Washington Post With the state of play in Syria rapidly shifting, President Donald Trump seems to have arrived at the worst of all worlds. Trump’s name is already mud among the Syrian Kurdish fighters his administration abandoned when it…

THEIR VIEW: There must be action
icon Posted: 15 October 2019 [08:43 PM]

As Fort Worth grieves the unjustified death of Atatiana Jefferson at the hands of a police officer, words and actions are both crucial. So we were heartened by the honesty and completeness with which Mayor Betsy Price, City Manager David…

GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Be a friend and parent to your child
icon Posted: 15 October 2019 [08:41 PM]

Note: This is the final Granddaddy's Secrets column. Dear Granddaddy, how do I know at what age to stop being a parent to my daughter and just be a friend? Jack- parent. Well, Jack, that’s a great question…

YOUR VIEW: City needs to talk about project
icon Posted: 15 October 2019 [08:39 PM]

By To The Editor: “Why is nobody talking about the Memorial Boulevard magnet school project, we cannot follow the trend of the state.” “I find it curious that a project of this size and cost to…

Monday 10/14/2019
THEIR VIEW: What the killing of a witness has to teach us
icon Posted: 14 October 2019 [08:25 PM]

When a witness in a murder case is himself murdered just days after a high-profile trial, it is both right and appropriate for a community to want answers and want answers quickly. And so it is with Joshua Brown. But,…

THEIR VIEW: Take steps to prevent against fire
icon Posted: 14 October 2019 [08:24 PM]

The American calendar is filled with days, weeks and months set aside to draw attention to a wide variety of worthy causes and issues. Often there are several such observances going on at once. A great many of these are…

It's time to cleanse the White House
icon Posted: 14 October 2019 [08:21 PM]

Special To The Washington Post The House is on fire. And with each passing day, Donald Trump defiles the office of the president. If only past defrocked presidents could provide a roadmap for this firestorm. Andrew Johnson fought impeachment vigorously…

MICHAEL REAGAN: Bidens' slippery doings in Ukraine will destroy the family
icon Posted: 14 October 2019 [08:20 PM]

Columnist Please help me get the importance of this infamous Trump-Zelensky phone call. The Democrats and their soulmates in the liberal media are seriously getting ready to impeach the president - again - because President Trump asked Ukrainian President Zelensky…

Sunday 10/13/2019
THEIR VIEW: Take a breath before regulating e-cigarettes
icon Posted: 13 October 2019 [07:44 PM]

Not that we are fans of vaping, but a state Court of Appeals decision to temporarily block New York from enforcing a new prohibition on sales of flavored e-cigarettes is probably the right thing to do. The stay was granted…

THEIR VIEW: Texans need gun control
icon Posted: 13 October 2019 [07:43 PM]

Even before the mass shooting in Odessa, Texas’ two highest elected officials knew about a dangerous background check loophole in stranger-to-stranger gun sales. Gun reform advocate Ed Scruggs attended a meeting called after the El Paso shooting in which he…

Trump stonewalls; Democrats say, 'Bring it on'
icon Posted: 13 October 2019 [07:41 PM]

Cagle Cartoons The constitutional crisis has officially arrived. To the surprise of nobody with a cognitive intellect, Donald Trump has hauled us to this treacherous precipice. The good news is that the House Democrats, empowered by the midterm voters to…

Friday 10/11/2019
Alliances are what Americans really want
icon Posted: 11 October 2019 [12:59 PM]

Special To The Washington Post Donald Trump’s election - and his vitriol against his predecessors, former policymakers and his opponents - led many internationalists to retreat and voluntarily undergo an American version of Mao Zedong’s self-education campaign. Yet it turns…

House Democrats' 'impeachment inquiry' is a kangaroo court
icon Posted: 11 October 2019 [12:59 PM]

Special To The Washington Post On my Wednesday radio show, I spoke with Beltway reporters and pundits from across the spectrum of outlets and points of view: Jonathan Allen of NBC News, Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post, Chris Cillizza…

THEIR VIEW: Bahamas must stop deporting Haitians
icon Posted: 11 October 2019 [12:57 PM]

Editorial The Bahamas, for decades, has made clear that its Haitian residents, especially the undocumented, are not welcome. They are unfairly stigmatized, ostracized and bad-mouthed. But this is the worst time for the country to resume its iron-clad immigration policy…

THEIR VIEW: President must cooperate
icon Posted: 11 October 2019 [12:57 PM]

Editorial It may be tempting for some Americans to disregard the unhinged proclamation that the White House sent House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Tuesday. “President Trump is a counter-puncher,” his apologists so often say, as though that absolves him…

Thursday 10/10/2019
Make sure U.S. universities remain the world's best
icon Posted: 10 October 2019 [01:46 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion The U.S. university system isn’t broken. Far from it: It’s still the best in the world. But it has some serious problems, and if these aren’t addressed, it could follow health care and infrastructure onto the list…

There's no escape from trade wars' effects
icon Posted: 10 October 2019 [01:45 PM]

Columnist The trade wars are hitting me where it hurts. One of my few respites from these rough-and-tumble times is to sit by an autumn bonfire with good friends, a Leaf and Bean cigar and some fine Scotch whisky. But,…

THEIR VIEW: Government neglects its job
icon Posted: 10 October 2019 [01:44 PM]

Editorial You might think that when a company has a long record of polluting our drinking water, including a recent chemical spill that killed thousands of fish in Lake Michigan, state and federal officials would spring into action. You might…

THEIR VIEW: Young Iraqis are angry
icon Posted: 10 October 2019 [01:43 PM]

Editorial Widespread poverty, unemployment, and corruption have crippled life in Iraq and is forcing its young population to pour their anger onto the streets to demand what should be their basic right in the first place. When communication with government…

Wednesday 10/09/2019
America's greedy and unpatriotic millionaires and billionaires
icon Posted: 09 October 2019 [02:08 PM]

The Washington Post The results are in. The Trump tax cuts resulted in most families saving so little that majorities continue to insist they see no difference in their paychecks. But one very small group made out spectacularly. According to…

Stop trying to police who gets to count as a 'real' whistleblower
icon Posted: 09 October 2019 [02:07 PM]

Special To The Washington Post When whistleblowers expose inconvenient truths, there are two prominent ways to discount the resulting revelations. One is to say that the information they’ve disclosed doesn’t really matter. The other is to argue that the whistleblower…

THEIR VIEW: Playing basketball in China is political
icon Posted: 09 October 2019 [02:02 PM]

Editorial “Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.” Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Houston Rockets, tweeted that message on Oct. 4. It’s a sentiment that should command broad support in the United States, and throughout the free world.…

THEIR VIEW: President has too much power
icon Posted: 09 October 2019 [01:59 PM]

Editorial For too long, the power of the executive branch has long exceeded the narrow set of powers and expectations set out by the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, there is little sign of this changing, with President Trump and the Democratic…

Tuesday 10/08/2019
Don't let impeachment conceal Trump's serial derelictions of duty
icon Posted: 08 October 2019 [02:37 PM]

Special To The Washington Post Late last month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., rolled out the cannon: the formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. Impeachment is the Constitution’s ultimate check on egregious abuse of power - a remedy for…

THEIR VIEW: A chance to improve abortion rights
icon Posted: 08 October 2019 [02:27 PM]

Editorial To have an abortion in Virginia, a woman by law must undergo an ultrasound and listen to state-mandated information designed to shame her. She must then wait 24 hours before having the abortion. There is no medical reason -…

YOUR VIEW: We need to run government more like a business
icon Posted: 08 October 2019 [02:20 PM]

To The Editor: As the Republican Party Chair and a candidate for Council this year, I would like to highlight the most inclusive slate of all NEW candidates this year and describe the “New Generation of Accountability” theme. Simply…

YOUR VIEW: Vote Dante Tagariello for mayor
icon Posted: 08 October 2019 [02:19 PM]

To the Editor The Mayoral campaign to date has focused on differentiating Ellen Zoppo-Sassu’s performance as Mayor with the planned administration of Dante Tagariello. Zoppo-Sassu has raised taxes in both years of her administration (2.4% in year 1 and 3.17%…

YOUR VIEW: Vote Kisluk for Plainville town council
icon Posted: 08 October 2019 [02:16 PM]

To The Editor: Since Plainville will be having an election on Nov. 5 for seats on the Town Council, I decided to throw my hat in the ring. I have registered with the Secretary of State as a write-in candidate…

THEIR VIEW: The travesty of 'stand your ground'
icon Posted: 08 October 2019 [02:02 PM]

Editorial The case against “Stand Your Ground” gun laws is ever more compelling. Applied in one form or another in some three dozen states, these provisions allow ordinary citizens to use deadly force in self-defense even when violence could have…

Monday 10/07/2019
THEIR VIEW: Pay college athletes
icon Posted: 07 October 2019 [06:03 PM]

The NCAA should check the scoreboard. Despite all its bluster about kicking California’s universities out of national competition, it lost big last week when the governor signed state Sen. Nancy Skinner’s bill to allow compensation of college athletes. And while…

THEIR VIEW: Rent controls are not the answer
icon Posted: 07 October 2019 [06:02 PM]

California and Oregon recently imposed them. New York, Paris and Stockholm are adding more. And just about every other booming metropolis in the West is thinking about introducing them: rent controls. The most extreme case may be Berlin. Its leftist…

Trump's angry, bizarre, self-defeating impeachment strategy
icon Posted: 07 October 2019 [05:59 PM]

By Paul Waldman The Washington Post Thursday morning brought a remarkable development in President Donald Trump’s impeachment saga: While the president stands to be impeached for using the power of his office to pressure a foreign government to…

Only true reformers make the history books
icon Posted: 07 October 2019 [05:58 PM]

By Ferdinando Giugliano Bloomberg Opinion It is often feared that voters will punish a government that tries to balance the books instead of buying consensus. The case of Portugal should assuage at least some of these concerns. The ruling Socialist…

Sunday 10/06/2019
THEIR VIEW: China concern grows
icon Posted: 06 October 2019 [08:26 PM]

China’s Communist Party on Tuesday marked the 70th anniversary of its 1949 revolution, and the fireworks and military parades will celebrate the country’s rise to become the world’s second largest economy. Yet there is no denying that this anniversary comes…

'Fall back' to putting life's small joys before politics
icon Posted: 06 October 2019 [08:23 PM]

Cagle Cartoons Autumn has arrived. I can’t think of a better time to put priorities back in order. You see, a new University of Nebraska-Lincoln study finds that “the current U.S. political climate is literally making Americans physically sick, damaging…

Housing might rescue the economy from Trump's trade war
icon Posted: 06 October 2019 [08:22 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion Manufacturing data released Tuesday made two things clear: The Federal Reserve might be powerless to prevent the negative effects of the trade war from hurting economic growth, but it still has the juice to boost the housing…

YOUR VIEW: Bristol's Youth Services will be just fine
icon Posted: 06 October 2019 [08:18 PM]

To The Editor: I recently read an editorial by Dante Tagariello about the merger proposal of Youth Services and Parks and Recreation. As vice chairman of the Youth Commission, for the city I feel compelled to speak to the facts…

YOUR VIEW: Re-elect Rosemary Morante in Plainville
icon Posted: 06 October 2019 [08:12 PM]

To The Editor: I write to urge the re-election of Rosemary Morante to the Plainville Town Council. Rosemary has been a hard-working, highly competent Councilwoman. Plainville has benefited from her service. I’ve known Rosemary Morante for more than…

Friday 10/04/2019
THEIR VIEW: Pompeo has helped destroyed U.S. diplomacy
icon Posted: 04 October 2019 [02:50 PM]

Editorial Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claims to be defending the “dedicated professionals” at the State Department and the policy they have pursued in Ukraine. The truth is pretty much the opposite. Pompeo stood by while President Donald Trump and…

THEIR VIEW: Officer held accountable
icon Posted: 04 October 2019 [02:50 PM]

Editorial Dallas County jurors made a powerful statement Tuesday with their decision to convict former police officer Amber Guyger of murder. Plenty of people will lament that Guyger was harshly punished for a terrible mistake, the shooting of Botham Jean…

Who benefits from a Biden campaign collapse?
icon Posted: 04 October 2019 [02:48 PM]

Special To The Washington Post In the midst of all the coverage of the Trump-Ukraine phone call fiasco, one possibility for the 2020 presidential campaign that many political leaders are thinking about is going under-reported. Specifically, what if Joe Biden’s…

Trump's most insulting language is used on immigrants
icon Posted: 04 October 2019 [02:47 PM]

The Washington Post Since launching his presidential campaign in 2015, Donald Trump’s words have raised eyebrows for their characterizations of those he views negatively. The objects of his verbal attacks range from the media, to liberals and even to conservatives…

Wednesday 10/02/2019
THEIR VIEW: Barr appears to be helping Trump
icon Posted: 02 October 2019 [01:52 PM]

Editorial It’s been established that President Donald Trump used his official powers to press a foreign government for help with his reelection. Now, it appears that Attorney General William Barr might also be using the authority of his office for…