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Disenchantment reigns in Guatemala's elections

The Washington Post Only about 40 percent of Guatemala’s more than 8 million registered voters cast ballots in the Central American country’s national election on last week Sunday. If low turnout for only the sixth vote since the…

icon Posted: 19 August 2019 [01:53 PM]

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Monday 08/19/2019
Shooting down California's ridiculous ammo law
icon Posted: 19 August 2019 [01:51 PM]

Michael Reagan Dove season opens in California and across the U.S. on Sept. 1. For as long as I can remember, all I had to do when dove season rolled around each year was oil my 1970s-vintage…

So you know: Medicare-for-all would help pay for long-term care
icon Posted: 19 August 2019 [01:50 PM]

The Washington Post When Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., spoke about Medicare-for-all at the July 30 Democratic presidential debate, he talked about how it would improve coverage for people currently receiving it. “For senior citizens, it will finally include dental care,…

Sunday 08/18/2019
THEIR VIEW: Suspicious radiation in Russia is a cause for alarm
icon Posted: 18 August 2019 [08:23 PM]

Russia has suffered a string of military accidents this summer. In early July, a fire aboard a secret deep-water submersible killed 14 people. On Aug. 5, an ammunition depot in the Krasnoyarsk region exploded, creating a massive fireball. The most…

THEIR VIEW: Employers can't retrain the US alone
icon Posted: 18 August 2019 [08:20 PM]

Regardless of industry, today’s workers are bound by a common anxiety: their jobs will one day be performed by robots. While the threat is more imminent for some than for others, nearly everyone will need new skills in order to…

You're not in 'the resistance' if you're using Trump's playbook
icon Posted: 18 August 2019 [08:19 PM]

By Jonathan Zimmerman The Washington Post You know who you are. You condemn President Donald Trump for mocking large groups of people, then you mock anyone who voted for him. You revile him for trafficking in conspiracy theories, then…

Israel's ban of Omar and Tlaib is a grave misstep away from tolerance
icon Posted: 18 August 2019 [08:03 PM]

The Washington Post The Washington Post reports, “Caught between the opposing views of President Trump and Democratic leaders, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reversed himself on Thursday and decided to prohibit Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., from…

Friday 08/16/2019
Hickenlooper's graceful exit sets a standard for other candidates
icon Posted: 16 August 2019 [06:26 PM]

The Washington Post Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is getting out of the presidential race. His exit video was classy and responsible. Judging from the video’s tone and production value, I’d put good money on him running for Senate in…

Lazarus wrote the lyrics. Cuccinelli erases the memory.
icon Posted: 16 August 2019 [06:25 PM]

Special To The Washington Post Songs aid memorization. When I was in fourth grade in Indiana in the 1970s, our music teacher, Miss Burke, taught us to sing “Fifty Nifty United States.” Like everyone else in my class,…

THEIR VIEW: One activist is standing up to Saudi Arabia's cowardice
icon Posted: 16 August 2019 [06:24 PM]

Editorial When it comes to sheer courage of her convictions, Loujain al-Hathloul deserves high recognition. As an activist for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, she pushed hard to win what is taken for granted in the modern world: the right…

Thursday 08/15/2019
The new way to die in America: With dignity
icon Posted: 15 August 2019 [02:34 PM]

Special To The Washington Post Tuesday was to be the day - in the morning, because everything was taken care of. The goodbyes had been said, the tears shed, the coffin handmade. In the spring of 2018, Dick Shannon, a…

Donald Trump has emasculated the American farmer
icon Posted: 15 August 2019 [02:33 PM]

Special to The Washington Post One of the odder aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency is the way in which he has alienated the very voting blocs he claims to love the most. Trump has proclaimed that he is the…

An effort to kneecap the Bureau of Land Management
icon Posted: 15 August 2019 [02:32 PM]

The Washington Post During any other administration, it would be a front-page scandal. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt last month tapped William Perry Pendley, an anti-government zealot who has not been Senate-approved for any position, to lead the Bureau…

Betrayed at home, Puerto Ricans need a friend in Washington
icon Posted: 15 August 2019 [02:32 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion A scandal-tarred governor resigns after huge protests. His handpicked successor is installed without the legislature’s full support. When that’s ruled unconstitutional, the office passes to the justice secretary, next in line but previously the target of…

Wednesday 08/14/2019
We have no idea yet how to feed the planet without frying it
icon Posted: 14 August 2019 [02:12 PM]

The Washington Post When the world’s population reaches 10 billion in 2050, how will everyone get fed? Actually, a recent report underscored, the challenge is harder: How will everyone get fed without frying the planet? Climate change is…

We need to save the right whales, before it's too late
icon Posted: 14 August 2019 [02:12 PM]

The Providence Journal Right whales are among the most fascinating and beloved creatures on earth. In adulthood, they can be bigger than a bus, 50 feet long and nearly 70 tons, with enormous heads that measure up to…

YOUR VIEW: Bristol elected officals are getting things done
icon Posted: 14 August 2019 [02:12 PM]

The Bristol Press To the Editor: Three years ago, I contacted the then mayor and public works director concerning our crumbling road. They said their hands were tied and really couldn’t help. Their solution was to throw a…

Tuesday 08/13/2019
Granddaddy's Secrets: Never stop learning, and you'll go far
icon Posted: 13 August 2019 [04:12 PM]

Dan Blanchard Dear Granddaddy, what’s something you’re glad you taught yourself? -Caesar. Well, Caesar, I can think of a few things I taught myself that I’m glad about. Things that I’m happy that I now know how to…

Epstein's apparent suicide is an absolute failure of our justice system
icon Posted: 13 August 2019 [04:12 PM]

The Washington Post The apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, the accused sex trafficker, represents an unforgivable failure by the federal prison system. Attorney General William Barr all but said so on Monday, remarking that he was appalled that…

Monday 08/12/2019
July was the hottest month ever, and our future is at stake
icon Posted: 12 August 2019 [01:39 PM]

The Washington Post What does it mean that July was the hottest month ever recorded? One could explain it away as a blip - if it did not come in the context of steadily warming average global temperatures over the…

Is Boris Johnson really serious about a no-deal Brexit?
icon Posted: 12 August 2019 [01:39 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion Generally speaking, when a government is making emergency plans to safeguard water supplies, stockpile vital medicines, manage food shortages, prepare for civil unrest and exploit arcane procedural devices to stay in power, things are not going…

How Trump could bring the NRA to heel - if he actually wanted to
icon Posted: 12 August 2019 [01:38 PM]

The Washington Post For the second time in his presidency, President Donald Trump is threatening to buck the National Rifle Association on gun control. The first time - after Parkland - he talked tough and did nothing to back it…

Sunday 08/11/2019
A threat to both the U.S. and China
icon Posted: 11 August 2019 [09:05 PM]

Markets are still trying to absorb the impact of President Donald Trump’s latest escalation in his trade war with China - and Beijing’s inevitable retaliation. Angry that China failed to deliver the increased agricultural purchases which, he claims, it…

We should fight white nationalist killers as though they were terrorists
icon Posted: 11 August 2019 [09:00 PM]

Special To The Washington Post Government officials, Republicans and Democrats, are calling last weekend’s mass shooting in El Paso domestic terrorism. This is correct; according to FBI officials, more U.S. deaths have been caused by domestic terrorists than international ones…

Friday 08/09/2019
YOUR VIEW: Beware of the summer giving dips
icon Posted: 09 August 2019 [03:51 PM]

The summer season is full of plans. They can include vacation preparation plans, outdoor events, traveling, family gatherings, local festivals, or enjoying a staycation amidst busy work schedules. It’s a season full of distractions and destinations and we look…

How to flag future killers
icon Posted: 09 August 2019 [01:54 PM]

The Wall Street Journal The Dayton and El Paso shootings have spurred familiar calls for more gun control, and by all means let’s have a debate. But the focus should be on denying weapons to the potential killers…

Mail-order DNA tests can be fun, but they aren't medical advice
icon Posted: 09 August 2019 [01:53 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion Theodora Ross, a cancer geneticist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, says that to Silicon Valley types, she is like a taxi driver competing against the more convenient, Uber-like direct-to-consumer companies such as 23andMe. “They think…

Thursday 08/08/2019
Here's a smart way to keep Putin out of the next U.S. election
icon Posted: 08 August 2019 [08:03 PM]

The Washington Post There is a lot Congress could do to better protect U.S. elections, and a lot Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has not allowed lawmakers to achieve. Now, two senators are offering one more opportunity.…

We should all want to be more like El Paso, despite a tragedy
icon Posted: 08 August 2019 [08:03 PM]

Corpus Christi Caller-Times We ask because of what happened Saturday in El Paso, Texas, where 22 people were killed - and, several hours later, in Dayton, Ohio, where nine were killed. We ask because the mayor of El…

Get off the bandwagon of banning plastic bags
icon Posted: 08 August 2019 [08:02 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion Let me make a terrible confession. In a kitchen cupboard I keep an enormous trove of what the news media keep telling me are single-use plastic bags. The trove exists because the description is, well, rubbish. A 13-gallon…

When government spending can be a moneymaker for all
icon Posted: 08 August 2019 [08:01 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion A common refrain among opponents of social-welfare programs is that they’re too costly and act as a drag on future growth because someday taxpayers will have to pick up the tab. That’s a crude and short-sighted view: It’s…

Wednesday 08/07/2019
Trump can honor shooting victims by changing his hateful rhetoric
icon Posted: 07 August 2019 [06:58 PM]

The Washington Post President Donald Trump controls the greatest loudspeaker in the world. On Monday, he said from the White House that “our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.” He added, “Hatred warps the mind, ravages…

8chan is vile but, constitutionally, it's protected
icon Posted: 07 August 2019 [06:57 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion After the El Paso shooter posted a manifesto on the anonymous message board 8chan, the network provider, Cloudflare, suspended the site’s account, taking it offline - at least for now. Whether you applaud or oppose the action, it…

Hindu nationalists are headed to self-destruction in Kashmir
icon Posted: 07 August 2019 [06:57 PM]

Bloomberg opinion Long on a roll, right-wing nationalists finally seem to be overreaching. Evidence came from two different sources this week: India and Britain. Brexit, advocated and promoted by mostly English nationalists, always threatened the breakup of Great Britain. New…

Tuesday 08/06/2019
THEIR VIEW: Put students, not sports, first
icon Posted: 06 August 2019 [07:58 PM]

In a move that summed up a lot that’s off-kilter about college sports, the University of Connecticut reached an agreement last week on an exit fee from its current home, the American Athletic Conference. In exchange for $17 million, UConn…

GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Growing up isn't so bad
icon Posted: 06 August 2019 [07:57 PM]

Dear Granddaddy, why do we need to grow up? Nancy-teen. Wow! That’s a very good question, Nancy. It sounds like you don’t really want to grow up. And I can’t blame you because sometimes I don’t really want to either.…

THEIR VIEW: Trump once again fails to see the need for gun control
icon Posted: 06 August 2019 [07:55 PM]

For a moment on Monday, President Donald Trump offered a teasing hope that he would jolt the Republican Party into easing its roadblock on even the most obvious and popular gun-control measures. Following a grisly weekend of mass shootings, Trump…