George's Terryville Avenue Market continues to offer everything you could need, from deli sandwiches, to beer, to everyday essentials

Published on Tuesday, 18 August 2020 14:50


Business has been going strong at George’s Terryville Avenue Market thanks to “wonderful community support,” says owner Tony Maljevic.

Thanks to loyal customers, Maljevic said George’s Terryville Avenue Market, located at 627 Terryville Ave., has not only been able to remain in business throughout the covid-19 pandemic, but they also haven’t had to lay off any employees.

“We do most of our business as takeout, so we’ve been able to go full-bore since we reopened on April 15,” Maljevic said. “My brother and I built partitions to keep ourselves and our customers protected; better safe than sorry.”

Earlier this year, when some supplies such as toilet paper and paper towels were scarce, George’s Terryville Avenue Market went out of its way to stock them for customers. More recently, people came to them for food and essential supplies when they were out of power for a few days following tropical storm Isaias. Fortunately, George’s Terryville Ave. Market did not lose power.

“People say we’re a convenience store disguised as a deli,” Maljevic said.

Maljevic credits the success of George’s Terryville Avenue Market to the great customer service and welcoming atmosphere his family has provided since 1989. His parents, George and Paulina, moved to Bristol from Brooklyn, NY and opened the business when Tony Maljevic was 5 years old. He has since taken over the story and carries on its legacy.

“I think the reason we’ve been successful is because my father was a constant figure in the store; he wasn’t an absentee owner; people got to know us,” Maljevic said. “Some of my peers growing up are now coming here with their kids.”

Maljevic said other than his family being personable and welcoming, customers also appreciate that they bake all of their bread fresh every day and have healthy portions of meat on their sandwiches. They offer a full-line of Boar’s Head products.

“We’re all big eaters so we like to offer good size helpings too,” he said. “You get your money’s worth.”

Some of the most popular things customers like to order include roast beef sandwiches and the “ham special” – a 12 inch ham sandwich for $6.99. Maljevic said customers also enjoy George’s Terryville Avenue Market’s barbecue spare ribs and its potato salad and macaroni salad.

Customers can also come to George’s Terryville Avenue Market for eggs, milk, beer, potato chips and more.

“We have a wide selection for all of your everyday needs,” Maljevic said.

Maljevic thanks all of the customers who are continuing to support his business.

“Hopefully, when this is over we will all get out of it stronger together,” he said.

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