Bristol Hospital adds parking

Published on Wednesday, 6 December 2017 20:54
Written by Lorenzo Burgio


BRISTOL - Patient and visitor parking at Bristol Hospital is now more convenient.

The hospital rearranged its parking, and added 36 patient and visitor spots and 10 handicapped parking spots to the lot adjacent to the front entrance to the hospital, said Chris Boyle, director of public relations at the hospital.

The back part of that lot is still designated for employees and is only accessible with the proper card, he said. The hospital moved the card readers back in the parking lot.

A new employee parking lot that opened near the front entrance in 2016 gave room for the hospital to provide more patient and visitor parking, Boyle explained. He added that the new parking area is now open for use and is located on the corner of Brewster and Condon roads with an entrance on both of those roads.

Two reasons that the parking was rearranged were because the Diagnostic Services department was redesigned at the beginning of October, and Kurt Barwis, president and CEO of the hospital, and the hospital administration, “have wanted to offer more convenient parking for a while,” Boyle said.

“We wanted to redirect patient and visitor traffic to the front of the building and improve patient access,” he said.

“We want to free up parking in the other lot on Newell road and drive traffic for the Diagnostic Services department to the front, but the new parking lot is open to all patients,” Boyle continued. He noted that all parking is still free and the patient and visitor parking area on Newell Road in the back of the hospital can still be used.

When Diagnostic Services was redesigned, the entrance was moved closer to the front of the hospital near the elevator that takes patients to the department.

Additionally, patients who visited the hospital for diagnostic services, x-rays, radiology, or lab tests “traditionally parked in the back and used the entrance to the emergency department,” Boyle said.

This meant patients had to walk through the emergency department to get to their destination, and the hospital wanted to “free that area up” from patient traffic, he said.

The hospital is revamping its signs so patients can find their way around easier. That signage will be finished this month.

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