Former school board student rep. appreciates her experience

Published on Friday, 12 January 2018 22:49
Written by Susan Corica


BRISTOL - A former student representative to the Board of Education had praise for the two current student representatives for their report on cyberbullying.

“I just want to say awesome job to the two new student reps. You guys make me really proud because I see how much work you are putting in, trying to find solutions to issues in our schools that sometimes teachers don’t even see, and students are the ones who see it,” said Alexandra Allen.

Allen was last year’s student representative from Bristol Eastern High School. She is currently a freshman studying accounting at George Washington University, who attended a recent board meeting where Madison Fostervold, a BEHS senior, and Olivia Rajotte, a Bristol Central High School senior, gave a presentation on the impact of cyberbullying via social media.

Superintendent Susan Moreau noted that Allen was able to bring about a change in high school students’ midterm schedules.

Last year Allen had talked to the board about how stressful it was for students every January to have to take their midterms and then attend classes afterward.

Unlike finals, which take place on half-days, midterms were taking place during four full school days, which made the students stressed out and unable to concentrate on their class work, she said then.

In response, the board voted to go back to having midterms on half-days, which the high schools hadn’t done for at least 10 years.

The change went into effect this month, “and that’s all about you and the information you brought to the board,” Moreau told Allen.

Allen’s reason for visiting the board recently was to report that she was doing well in college, having finished her first semester with all As.

“I really believe that Bristol Eastern, and the Bristol public school system, prepared me fully to go to a top college and do my best in my classes, especially since I took AP classes in high school, which had a lot of rigor,” she said.

“I feel like the workload in those classes prepared me for the workload in my freshman level college classes and even my higher level college classes,” she continued. “So I want to say ‘thank you’ to my high school teachers and the Board of Ed for supporting AP classes and accelerated classes. Teachers really push you in those classes and kids do need to be pushed to get to that next level for college.”

Allen added that having been a student representative helped prepare her to get involved with her dorm council in working to get a rooftop garden built atop the dorm, which will be done this spring.

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